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The MELSEC FX1S is the cost-effective entry to the MELSEC family. It was developed following user-oriented criteria

Existing FX0S/FX0N applications are terminal- and program-compatible with the new FX1S/FX1N this way making the adjustment easier.

To meet the increased demands the FX1S compared to its predecessor FX0S is extended by additional functions


The ability to combine the compact base units with small, modular expansion units and compact I/O expansion units make

The FX1N enormously flexible, giving you a highly economical combination of the cost benefits of compact systems with the versatile expansion capabilities of modular systems.

The FX1N series base units can be combined with all FX0N or FX2N extension units without any problems. Our products are always a good and reliable choice.


2times smaller than our Bestseller MELSEC FX. And the fastest Compact-PLC in mini size at the same time - with the possibilities of a "big" system.

  • 16 - 256 I/Os
  • 0,08 µs / log. instruction for fast processes
  •  50% smaller size compared to predecessor
  •  Up to 16 k steps PLC program in RAM/EEPROM
  •  Communication via seriell and parallel interface
  •  Dedicated application instructions for fast and simple programming of complex  processes
  •  6 internal high-speed counter inputs (up to 60 kHz) for positioning tasks
  •  High flexibility thanks to application-specific special function modules
  •  Internal PID controller with auto-tuning
  •  Additional RS232C/RS485interface.


The new FX3U series is the third generation of Mitsubishi Electric's successful compact PLC family.

Developed for the international market, the new controllers feature a special 2nd "adapter bus" system, which complements the existing system bus used for expansion, special function and network modules. Up to ten additional modules can be connected to this new adapter bus.


The FX2NC complements the popular FX2N high-end compact PLC and is the ideal choice for applications where there is not much space. The top features are:

  • Ultra-compact dimensions save space
  • Super-fast 0,08 µs per log. instruction
  • Flexible expansion options up to 256 IOs
  • Integrated positioning functions like high-speed counters
    up to 60 kHz and signal pulse up to 20 kHz
  • Powerful performance with extended instruction set, up to 152 and
    up to 16K steps program memory
  • Fully compatible to the FX family, all special function modules of the FX family supported
  • Exeptional worldwide quality standards with certifications


The extremely compact design of the Q series enables space-saving in the cabinet.
Only 98 mm x 98 mm x 245 mm in size!. The main base unit can be expanded with up to seven expansion base units with a maximum bus length of 13.2m.

  • Industrial automation platform that forms a multiple PLC System
  • Up to 4 CPUs per system for controlling, motion control, PC and communication
  • Expandable from 16 to 4.096 I/ Os (8.192 total)
  • PLC- CPU cycle period/ log. instruction up to 34 ns
  • Integrated RAM for up to 252 k PLC program steps with battery back-up for data retention; expandable up to 32 Mbyte with RAM card
  • Full functionally PC CPU with Windows operating system can be mounted
  • Processing of analog values with 16 bit accuracy
  • Up to 3 Motion CPUs can control up to 96 axes
  • CPU-internal self diagnosis with error history
  • Remote error diagnosis and programming (via modem, internet, intranet)
  • Full support of network functions, many communication features
  • Programming with MELSOFT according to IEC 1131.3  


  • Easy to connect to programming tool via Ethernet
  • Search and display a list of connected CPUs
  • Connect to various devices according to applications
  • Improved production time and processing accuracy
  • High-speed, high-precision real data processing
  • High-speed sequence data processing
  • High-speed, high-accuracy machine control
  • Programs structured into individual routines
  • Easy to handle large-volume data
  • Highly compatible with standard Q Series
  • Secures data even after prolonged storage
  • Simplified program transfer using just a memory card  


Our big system with 32-bit technology. Maximum performance, virtually unlimited expansion capabilities via network connections and a complete programme of expansion and function modules make this high-performance PLC the system of choice for complex automation processes.

  •  32 - 4,096 I/Os (central)
  •  More expandable with decentralised I/Os
  •  Processing speed up to 0.075µs
  •  Up to 124k PLC program steps
  •  Support for a variety of network standards
  •  Master mode in redundant networks
  •  Real-time clock, internal PID controller, floating-point math
  •  Online programming
  •  Available as a redundant PLC system


Our "little" fully modular system. High performance, compact dimensions, a variety of expansion levels and options and a wide range of communications options make this system the ideal solution for demanding applications where you're pressed for space.

  •  32 - 1,024 I/Os
  •  13cm installation height - one of the smallest worlwide
  •  High processing speed (up to 0,075 µs / log. instruction)
  •  Up to 60k PLC program steps
  •  A variety of network connection options
  •  Real-time clock, internal PID controller, floating-point math (A/Q2AS)
  •  Online programming...

[+] MITSUBISHI HMI Operator interfaces

[] A900GOT Series

The new graphic operator terminals of the A900GOT series represent the top products by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

They provide a high-resolution touch- sensitive screen. State changes and user inputs can be entered easily.
A vast number of indicating instruments like indicators, pressure gauges, analog and digital measuring devices, etc. can be replaced by corresponding graphical objects.

Lots of ready-to-use practical objects are included in the MS-Windows compatible programming software and reduce program development time. Moreover, the A900GOT is capable of displaying texts with up to 26.000 international characters.

With the GOT the user accesses all special function modules in order to test individual parts of the plant. The PLC programs can be monitored graphically (ladder diagram).

[] F900GOT Series

The graphic display configuration on the touch screen is variable, giving the operating staff quick, clear and easily-compre- hensible access to information on machine functions.

The graphical control unit F900GOT combines particularly easy operation with maximum functionality and modest space requirements.

In addition to standard display and diagnostics functions this unit also supports fully-programmable graphical images and ”touch-keys”.

You can store up to 500 user-defined screens, up to three of which can be displayed simultaneously and overlapping on the backlit LC display.

The units feature an integrated real-time clock, password access control and alarm and recipe handling.

Data communication with the MELSEC FX and AnS/QnAS, AnU/QnA and MELSEC System Q is performed via the RS422 port. A printer can be connected to the integrated RS232 port.

The control unit is programmed with the SW-FX-PCS-DU/WIN software package running on a PC under MS-Windows®. Programs can be stored either in the control unit's integrated, battery-powered RAM or in plug-in EPROM modules

[] MAC E Series

The MAC operator terminals provide a unique concept of flexible display blocks. The dialog screen is displayed quickly and can be adopted to suit the users needs. These operator terminals in many cases are capable of replacing a complete control console.

They permit simple alteration of process data and thus influence the particular application. The units in the MAC series are perfectly matched to the range of MELSEC controllers and yet easy to operate.

The features include user-definable text, control parameter and data editing, alarm handling, recipes and menu operation. Programming is performed either directly on the unit itself or with an MS-Windows compatible PC running the SW-MAC-WIN software package


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